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Free Eligibility Check

Let us take a look at your current Student Loans to see which programs would be the best fit and what you qualify for.

Improve Your Credit

Many of the student loan borrowers we’ve worked with have seen dramatic improvements in their credit score.

No Min or Max Debt Amounts

Have multiple loans with different lenders and different interest rates? Combine your loans with a new low monthly payment.

Qualify in 10 Minutes or Less

Trained student loan experts are standing by to compare your options. Find out in just minutes exactly what you qualify for.

No Upfront Fees

Many companies charge you large upfront fees to consolidate your loans. At NuStudent if you qualify we consolidate your loans and save you money before you pay anything.

Current or Late, It's OK

No matter what situation you are in we can help. Whether you’re behind on payments or current, we can save you money.


For Your Student Loan Consolidation

Low Interest Rate or Monthly Payments

Interest rates do drop. Your credit score can improve. That combination makes you an attractive borrower and results in lower monthly payments.

Less Hassle

The average borrower has seven loans and three loans servicer agency when they graduate the school. That’s a lot of responsibility to keep up. Consolidation means one check to one lender, once-a-month.

Variable or Fixed

All Federal Loans are fixed rate, but private lenders offer tempting variable rates of less than 3 percent. Just hope the economy doesn’t go in the dump and your variables rates go through the roof.

Remove Co-Signer

All Federal Loans are fixed rate, but private lenders offer tempting variable rates of less than 3 percent. Just hope the economy doesn’t go in the dump and your variables rates go through the roof.


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What clients say Recent reviews

I was skeptical of this program given the scams that abound in student loans. I was wrong! I called from an ad on Facebook and less than an hour of my initial call, my loans had been consolidated and my payment went from $209/month to $0/month. Yes. My account manager at Student Loan Division was very informative and made it a point to make sure I understood what he was explaining to me. Plus, since I work for a non-profit, she informed me of an amazing benefits that brought the term of the loan from 300 months to 120 months! It was unbelievable at the time but it is completely legitimate. People saying that this is a rip-off because it’s something you can do yourself… Been there, done that, was denied consolidation and the headache that came along with trying to figure it out was not worth it. Will gladly pay Student Loan Division to have it taken care of easily, efficiently and professionally! I urge anyone struggling to pay student loans to give them a call.
Jeff D
Business Major

I was not a believer at first, until I met my NuStudent account manager, James. I was never able to work out a program to lower my student loans until I met this person. He was caring and patient with me because I was not convinced this was for real! Well, it is real and anyone can send me a message and I will tell you again. My loans and repayment is so low I can hardly believe it! Thank-you again for all your help James!!! I will keep spreading the word.
Jane H

Very Satisfied. I have over 100K in student loan debt and have been looking for solutions for a while now, I would consider myself very well rounded and knowledgeable when it comes to student loans and student debt. I shopped around that’s for sure. In the end I did choose these guys because I found myself surprised to find someone (Alison Brown is who I worked with) that could show me things I didn’t already know. She helped me to save money in ways I hadn’t thought of above and beyond my student loan debt. I was also very happy with the rate, and just the overall care and knowledge that I got from her. 
Brianna P
Business Manager